With the support of Indian and Overseas donors, Phase 2 of this project has been completed to secure places for 460+ Nursing students.
We are now seeking your financial assistance to complete Final Phase of the project (costing approximately ₹1.30 Cr £130000/-) to increase the number of classroom and associated college facilities to provide an international standard of Nursing education for over 700 students.
The Fees Structure for the college is in line with Gujarat Government Guidelines and in addition to this 10% of places are reserved for the underprivileged.
Current college students (95% Girls) have made excellent progress in their exams and created a strong platform for Women Empowerment.
This Nursing College will create much needed employment opportunities for all students in and out of Porbandar as the demand for medical staff are rising, especially given the current global pandemic.
The basic level Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Nursing and the General Nurse Midwife (GNM) and Masters (M.Sc.) in Nursing qualifications are recognised internationally.
In addition to this, your financial assistance will continue to promote equal opportunity to all, regardless of their income background. This project is therefore much more than an educational institution, but an asset to our community

We have designed various donation packages for general organisation and individual contribution. Management Trustees for India Shastree Swami Bhanuprakashdasji Tel: 0091 9825230451 Email: swamijipbr@gmail.com
For UK: See 'Donation' tab for further contact details.